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the process
'Our graphic design & branding processes run like clockwork which results in great service'

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Our Brand & Graphic Design Process

1. Basic Brief & Quote
A basic brief of your requirements is taken and an estimate is sent for your approval.

2. Full Design Brief
Once you have accepted the estimate, we send you through a design brief questionnaire.

The brief will be pre-populated with your initial design brief. All you have to do is complete the remaining questions. After reviewing competitor and industry research we discuss the brief and the possible creative routes with you to fi nalise your requirements, which are then signed off.

3. Design
Following this, the creative team starts working on multiple creative routes. Usually we will design three routes - one more creative, one more conservative, and one in the middle of those.

4. Design Conception
When we're happy, we present the concept to you either remotely or at times in person. You then review these options, select a preference, and provide us with written feedback. 

5. Design Finalisation
We then integrate the feedback provided into the chosen design and send it back to you for further comment. Ideally at this stage it should just be a discussion of small details which we tie up with you.

6. Production & Delivery 
After approval, depending on the job requirements, we either get the design ready for print or save it into different fi le formats according to your needs.