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Our Web Design & Development Process

1. Briefing
Discuss the proposal with you, finalise functionality to be included and decide on the creative direction.

2. Site Architecture
We conduct online research of competitors and draft a design layout of the website. The design layout will illustrate a very basic layout of all the key pages within your site and the key information within them. They will be reviewed with you for feedback and finalisation.

3. Functional Specification
Our team will develop the functional specification to be included within the site, which will be reviewed with you for your feedback and finalisation.

4a. Customisation and Configuration
Depending on your requirements, we prepare and configure the server and any off-the-shelf products to your specifications.

4b. Design
Design is started based on the design layout. We provide two to three different options of a home page and a sample content page for your review.

4c. Review with the Client
On finalisation of these designs we roll out the design to create the remaining template pages.

5. Development
When all the pages are designed and approved, we build the front-end CSS/HTML, and then where necessary integrate this into the CMS. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team consult from the start of the project but at this point are centrally involved.

6. Training [OPTIONAL]
If you decided to go with one of our off-the-shelf products, training will be provided so that you can manage the system and upload content in the future.

7. Test
We test the site for bugs before, after and while the content is uploaded for all common browsers. We create bugs lists which are addressed one by one. You will be expected to undertake detailed testing during the final stages of the project.

8. Live!
When the content is uploaded and the site is tested and functioning, the site is posted live on the web.